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WONDER WOMAN tiara using fiberglass cast and sculptey clay (Topic)
so I thought it would be a great idea to reenforce my white lantern tiara with a thin layer of silver sculpty.  wrong.  so wrong.  It was too thick and difficult to use ontop of the fiberglass.not only did the darn clay (which was...
The Superhero Costuming Forum


05/30/13 5:37
Wonder Woman Armor Completed (Topic)
I finished this wonder woman armor for a client based off photos she sent me. The chest piece is one I previously Sculpted and casted in Resin. The Belt and Tiara are Sintra with a Resin coat to insure everything got the...
The Superhero Costuming Forum


10/25/12 2:12
Armored Epath - 80's Psylocke (Topic)
I spent hours, days, a little bit of my sanity, trying to find signs of anyone that managed to make this pain-in-the-ass costume and no luck. In the philosophy of this new communication era; if it ain't on the web, it doesn't exist....
The Superhero Costuming Forum

Silver Faction

07/28/11 2:16
My Wife's Wonder Woman. (Topic)
So I decided to learn to sew and this is the first thing I have ever sewn. There are a few things to change. I need to add a white bottom edge to at least a few of the panels in the front. so there is some definition between the layers,...
The Superhero Costuming Forum


04/18/11 5:16
Armor and Casting beginner's questions (Topic)
All I know is sewing, my only experience with armor was spray-painting foamies. And I want to level up!Did some searching but I have no idea what I can afford, what I have the space for, etc, I am a total beginner and need lots of...
The Superhero Costuming Forum


02/07/11 7:24
War Machine WIP (Topic)
I was reading some posts over at about people making costumes out of foam, there's some pretty impressive stuff going on in the Philippines - here's the thread: - All...
The Superhero Costuming Forum


05/03/10 1:10
Iron man Mark V wip (Topic)
Many of you have seen the link to the tutorial that I posted a few days ago.  Well I thought I would try my hand at it.  Right now I need to add the "tread" to the pectoral areas, do some more clean up, and paint.  Then I...
The Superhero Costuming Forum


04/24/10 9:24
Blackfire - arm fins (Topic)
I am working on Blackfire for DragonCon this year and I'm trying to work out the logistics on her (for lack of a better word) arm fins.They look a lot like Batman gauntlet fins to me, just a bit smaller.  I'm currently planning on...
The Superhero Costuming Forum


03/09/10 1:50
Wonder Woman armor - help? (Topic)
Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone might be able to help me in re-making my Wonder Woman armor? I would need the chest piece, belt piece, headband, and wrist guards, and I am not someone experienced in making armor. If...
The Superhero Costuming Forum

Unregistered User

12/06/09 1:43
Big Ed Cowl, KL1 Utility Belt, E-K-Amored Torso (Topic)
Alex Ross sketched his Batman cowl vision: Alex Ross Batman Cowl And Ed Farrell created his Big Ed Cowl, encouraging me to cut in vents, and so I cut in 4 temple ones. Also cut the front base to a V-shape. Ed also made the Clooney...
The Superhero Costuming Forum


11/13/09 7:52
Master Le Studios, Iron Man MKV Stealth Striker Armor build Nov, 11, 2009 (Topic)
Hey everyone its me Anthony. Of course you guys seen my War Machine hybrid, Iron Man MKV extremis armor, and my Iron man MKIII "MKI" original. This time im going to attempt the Hasbro Steath striker armor, but not just the...
The Superhero Costuming Forum


11/12/09 3:41
Penance is done (Topic)
As you might have seens my local friends and I are doing a Thunderbolts group (SCFers can join too!) and I've decided to take on Penance. Pretty much because I'm the BDSM type of guy and because it's a wicked cool costume.Here are a few...
The Superhero Costuming Forum

StanLee Wannabe

09/22/09 2:00

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