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Debuting my new costume... GORILLA GRODD!!! (Topic)
MANBAT, SOLOMON GRUNDY, HULK,... and now.....The Sinister GORILLA GRODD!!!!Happy to show my latest cosplay! Standing nearly 8ft tall, this custom GRODD costume consists of a handmade completely latch-hooked hair suit, modified mask with...
The Superhero Costuming Forum

Ruby Rinekso

07/20/15 8:01
BLACK MASK Arkham Origins HELP (Topic)
Ok so for C2E2 this year, I'd like to be Black Mask with the suit and getup from Arkham Origins. I may also involve the twist beneath the mask, but I won't spoil the game for those who haven't played it yet. I need Help though with the...
The Superhero Costuming Forum


11/04/13 11:19
We Might Be Superheroes Web Series (Topic)
Hi FolksI created a web series called We Might Be Superheroes about two girls that live in the big city and decide to become superheroes.I have to admit I'm not nearly as good at making costumes as most of the people in this group-but I...
The Superhero Costuming Forum


09/07/13 12:40
who do you think i should be? (Topic)
me and my bf want to take part into a cosplay party in batman costume and Robin costume. but there is a problem between him and me, we both want to wear batman costume. i think i am good in batman costume and he is good in Robin costume,...
The Superhero Costuming Forum


04/12/13 2:28
HUSH Batman WIP (Topic)
Hey Guys,Been piecing this together for awhile.Please note final look will have a black cape, black cowl and a dye-sublimated suit, all of which are in the works, and will arrive this week. ;) The bracers are Bat Texan with my...
The Superhero Costuming Forum

Graphic Jordan

04/23/12 8:27
Hey ALL...For those who get a giggle from my RUBISODES,.. here's one for you to enjoy :-)BATMAN saves the country and travels the eastern seaboard to, once again, try and get rid of a BOMB!!! HOLY LONG DISTANCE, BATMAN!!!! ... and with...
The Superhero Costuming Forum

Ruby Rinekso

12/13/11 6:03
My attempt at Arkham Asylum Scarecrow (Topic)
Hi all.  Just thought I would share my attempt at a Scarecrow costume.  It seemed to go over fairly well, but mostly because I was with a lovely pair who came as Harley and Ivy.  Finally figured out how to get the image to...
The Superhero Costuming Forum


11/15/11 11:07
Steampunk Harley Quinn (Topic)
My Steampunk Harley is mostly complete! I wore it to a local steampunk Expo last weekend and had a blast. Here's where the costume stands right now:(I ran into these two Joker/Riddler cosplayers completely at random - Chad and Will from...
The Superhero Costuming Forum


11/13/11 4:23
New Batman at Dragon*Con (Topic)
Hi Everyone, This was was my first year at Dragon*Con in costume and I had a blast as Batman.  Thought I'd post a few pics of the suit.  This was my first real attempt at putting together a costume from scratch.  I...
The Superhero Costuming Forum


09/07/11 10:10
Callmemilo's Alternative Batcowl (Topic)
Now I know this might be met with a lil apprehension, but I've taken a different approach to Batman cowl making. Instead of going for the full latex or urethane cowl, I'm making a fabric one. And how am I making it work? With a...
The Superhero Costuming Forum


02/14/11 3:46
Hi, my first attempt here, advice please? Updated with latest pictures... (Topic)
Hi, I am new to the forums, I came looking for advice to take my costume making up a level:there are a few things I am working on here, I have provided some pictures of the wonder woman bracers as I progress.I wasn't sure which would be...
The Superhero Costuming Forum


02/11/11 8:04
Bat Cowl Creation - (Pics) Sculpting to Vacuum Forming Foamies - Lessons Learned (Topic)
So – this is my journey in creating a Bat Cowl and vacuum forming it using craft foam ( foamies ) Here is the final result- The Bat Cowl is a vacuumed formed foamie with a black cloth overlay to blend it into the cape… My suit is...
The Superhero Costuming Forum


11/05/10 4:15
'Batman Beyond: Beyond The Senses' mini-movie is OUT for viewing NOW!!!!! (Topic)
We did it - WE DID IT!!!!! The movie is finished and uploaded for all to view! Marc Briatack(Director/Freelance Photographer) has finally finished it and uploaded on youtube and his site I can't believe...
The Superhero Costuming Forum


09/01/10 1:57
First pull of custom Bat cowl (Topic)
Just pulled literally 5 minutes ago... Justin Jotso...contributor to The Heroes Locker sculpted and molded this based on our design discussions.The finished sculpt...A pull in BlackA pull in Blue
The Superhero Costuming Forum

StanLee Wannabe

08/29/10 3:31
A mini-movie a costumer-friend of mine done called 'Clash In The Knight' (Topic)
Hey there all, Hoping this is posted in the right thread(?), but I wanted to share with you all a first time mini-online movie debut a costumer-friend of mine has produced and stared in. I say he done a GREAT job with it and he may...
The Superhero Costuming Forum


08/27/10 3:54
My Entry & Winning costume in SDCC 2010 Masquerade Costume Contest pics! (Topic)
Well, I finally found some great shots of my entry & winning costume in San Diego Comicon's Masquerade Costume Contest. I must say that was ONE BIG HELL OF A EXPERIENCE! What amazing creativity all this year's contestants has went...
The Superhero Costuming Forum


08/01/10 5:25
Torn Batman Mask! Help (Topic)
Hey everybody!I'm new to these boards but I've been following here and the League of Lanterns for awhile now. I've always been pretty fixated on one day having a good Batman or Hal Jordan costume and this Halloween I'm going the Batman...
The Superhero Costuming Forum


07/14/10 11:16
A BATMAN BEYOND mini-movie being made with MY COSTUME in it!!!! (Topic)
Hey there all, Well, I must say this is both HIGHLY EXCITING and NERVOUS at the same time, but a friend of mine, who's a freelance photographer/director, is making a BATMAN BEYOND mini-movie and he saw my costume and LOVE TO...
The Superhero Costuming Forum


05/19/10 3:31
1939 Batman Cowl---New Pix PG2 (Topic)
Last summer, I was commissioned by some guys over at the BOTB to sculpt, mold and cast a 1939 cowl. It took awhile, between work and weather, but I finally have the first pull: And a few pix of me wearing it, sort of suited up (I...
The Superhero Costuming Forum

bat texan

03/29/10 1:09
Big Ed Cowl, KL1 Utility Belt, E-K-Amored Torso (Topic)
Alex Ross sketched his Batman cowl vision: Alex Ross Batman Cowl And Ed Farrell created his Big Ed Cowl, encouraging me to cut in vents, and so I cut in 4 temple ones. Also cut the front base to a V-shape. Ed also made the Clooney...
The Superhero Costuming Forum


11/13/09 7:52

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